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We defeated Donald Trump. We re-elected Gov. Evers and saved the veto. We flipped the WI Supreme Court. And you were central to it all! As we look ahead we know there is a lot more work to do and we'd love for you to join us!  

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On April 2nd’s ballot, there are two questions regarding proposed amendments to our state constitution:

Question 1: “Use of private funds in election administration. Shall section 7 (1) of article III of the constitution be created to provide that private donations and grants may not be applied for, accepted, expended, or used in connection with the conduct of any primary, election, or referendum?"

Question 2: “Election officials. Shall section 7 (2) of article III of the constitution be created to provide that only election officials designated by law may perform tasks in the conduct of primaries, elections, and referendums?"

The WI League of Women Voters, WI Conservation Voters, and WI Democracy Campaign all recommend a NO vote on both questions.

Q1 reduces the options for municipal governments to fully fund their election needs. It could lead to longer lines at the polls and longer wait times for election results.

Q2 prevents our clerks from getting the support they need from volunteers, experts, and community members to run our elections smoothly. It could also limit the work of voter education organizations like the League of Women Voters to provide critical information to the public about their voting rights.

Please VOTE NO on both Q1 and Q2!

For more information visit:

WI League of Women Voters

ACLU of Wisconsin

Ballotpedia Q1

Ballotpedia Q2


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