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The Bipartisan Vernon County Clothing Drive for Afghan Refugees has officially come to an end.
Thanks to your generosity and the support of local businesses, churches, and civic organizations, this drive was a huge success. We were able to gather over twelve pallets of material that went to Ft. McCoy over the last month. The materials included clothing, personal care items, teaching materials, sewing supplies games, books and suitcases, and were distributed on-base by the nonprofit organization Save Our Allies.
Initially there were about 13,000 refugees at Ft. McCoy awaiting placement. It is unclear how many remain at the base, but placement to permanent homes has gone quicker than expected, and there is no longer a need to continue collecting materials.
We've been blown away by the outpouring of support from individuals and businesses. Several businesses in particular stepped up to provide critical items and services. Southwest Sanitation in Viroqua provided large bins to collect and transport materials. Nelson Agri-Center provided a truck and driver to haul the materials to the base. Proline Printing provided printing for posters. Cashton Farm Supply donated pallets and sylerstudio provided graphic design.
Civic organizations helped with setting up collection points and collecting material including the Viroqua Rotary and Viroqua Lions. A number of businesses and organizations collected material including Nelson Agri-Center, Sleepy Hollow Chevrolet, Southwest Sanitation, Cashton Farm Supply, County Seat Laundry, Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital Hillsboro, Quillin’s Market, Vernon Memorial Hospital, CouleeCap, Viroqua Area Schools and Westby Area Schools.

Thank you so much for your support in this effort. It is incredibly encouraging to see community members set aside political differences and come together in times of need.



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