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We defeated Donald Trump. We protected Gov. Evers's veto. We won a critical WI Supreme Court election in the spring. And you were central to it all! As we look ahead we know there is a lot more work to do to expand affordable healthcare, save the environment, protect everybody's human rights, and make Vernon County the best it can possibly be.

There's lots to do and we'd love for you to join us!  

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Day of Action - STAND UP for Reproductive Rights!

Women's lives are at stake. The Supreme Court is preparing to overrule Roe v. Wade and make abortion a felony in much of the country. That won't end abortion, it will end SAFE abortion. Women will die unnecessarily.

A government that forces women into labor is not a government that is protecting freedom. And if the court takes away a freedom it has protected for nearly 50 years, what other freedoms might it threaten next?

We (including men) have to fight back like never before. Again, women's lives are at stake. They demand nothing less than privacy, autonomy over their own bodies, and the right to determine their own destinies – rights that most men have never even had to consider having taken away from them. Overturning Roe v. Wade would be an unprecedented action – decimating the constitutional right of millions of us to MAKE CHOICES about our bodies, our health, and our futures.

Electing representatives who will protect our freedom is one critical component of this fight. Equally important is raising our voices publicly in support of safe abortion access and reproductive rights for all. We need to let our community know we will stand against the extremists attacking our freedom.

So here's the plan for tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th:

  • 10-11 am - Signs and Signatures. Meet at the Vernon County Dems. HQ. 122 N. Main St. Viroqua to sign nomination papers for candidates and make a sign supporting safe abortion access and reproductive rights. 
  • 11 am - 12 pm - March from the office to the Viroqua Veterans Memorial on the corner of Terhune and Main. We'll let our collective voices be heard!
  • 12-1 pm - Return to the office for a volunteer info session to learn how we can keep up the fight through the November elections and beyond!

The work ahead will take us out of our comfort zones. It will be long and challenging. But every step is a small victory, and when we stand shoulder to shoulder, we each carry a lighter load.


That's right, WE'RE OPEN! Stop by and say hello! We're at 122 N Main St. Suite B,  Viroqua. Our open hours are:

WED. 4-7 pm

FRI. 4-7 pm

SAT. 10 am - 2 pm

Want to help staff the office? Sign up here. We'll get in touch and get you set up!

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